The Art of Carving by Hand

 My name is Andy Papikyan and I am a jewelry designer. I have been creating, designing and making jewelry for over 28 years and still use the art of carving by hand till this day. I strongly and passionately feel that creating jewelry by hand is a true form of artistic ability and art.

Most jewelry designers label their jewelry as handmade, but taking a hammer and stamping a letter on a piece of ready made, store bought metal plate is not my idea of handmade. Well, technically it is since hands are used but are they really designers, artisans? Not in my world of jewelry making. Of course, some of you might not care if the jewelry was made by hand, by machine, a computer, an alien from Mars.... and I'm totally OK with that. But if you do care, if you like art, if you like fine jewelry and if you like handcrafted versus all the other ways of producing things, you have come to the right place. Welcome to Andy P Jewelry!

It all starts with a vision, an idea of a design which ends up as a sketch on a piece of paper. Each jewelry design is hand carved from a block of wax. The process of making jewelry has many steps which includes carving the original design as the first step, followed by casting the piece, filing, cleaning, polishing and finally inspecting the piece for quality.

My heart and soul goes into the creation of each piece on a personal level. I truly feel that carving my jewelry by hand gives my designs life and artistry. Handmade and touched by an artist, not computer made by a programmer.

All of my jewelry is hand carved by myself. No computer programmer, CNC machine or someone with a hammer and stamp set can ever replace a piece of jewelry masterpiece that was hand carved out of nothing and made into a work of art.

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