Meet the Designer

Welcome to my world

Welcome to Andy P Jewelry, a jewelry design studio where incredible designs are masterfully handcrafted and finished as fine, wearable art. I have been designing and creating jewelry since 1990 and still use the art of carving by hand till this day. Carving the design by hand gives each piece intricate detail and life. I strongly and passionately feel that creating jewelry by hand is a true form of art and therefore dedicated my artistic ability to create the finest jewelry anywhere. Specializing in unique and personalized, handmade jewelry and combining my passion for fine jewelry design and art, creates masterpieces with unbelievable artistry that will compliment any style or fashion.

All of my jewelry designs are proudly made in the USA and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Express your uniqueness

As we all know, each person is unique. We all have our own style and express it through fashion and the jewelry we wear. When you're wearing one of my hand carved, hand touched jewelry creations, you are expressing your passion for fine, artistic jewelry. Wearing one of a kind jewelry that resembles work of art is a true conversation piece. It shows your individual style that is as unique as you are and makes a bold statement all on its own, without having to say a single word.









"I truly hope you enjoy wearing my handcrafted jewelry as much as I enjoy designing them."

Andy Papikyan ~ Jewelry Designer

Work hard.  Play harder.  Live life.